Our company supply For Cement and Concrete industry the products SLAG POWDER and FERROUS SULFATE Fe30%

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We provide corrugated Additives series named EXTRABOND

Welcome to JBO chemicals.

J.B.O. GROUP, a group combine Western and Chinese management offers consulting service for Chinese market & chemicals raw material solutions.

J.B.O. GROUP, own registered company in China under the name "J.B.O. -GROUP CHINA LTD" with import and export license for non dangerous chemicals & Hong-kong company under the name "J.B.O INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD".

J.B.O. GROUP, also active as agent for Chemical producers in Chinese and Asian market.

J.B.O. GROUP, supply verity of chemical products for the Chinese market include Crude Glycerin & Petrochecmials.

J.B.O GROUP, work in cooperate with a local Chinese law firm and together offer consulting service for companies desire entering to the Chinese market and introduce investors for new cooperates. The knowledge and experience we have acquired over years of successful operation allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of service available

Food Additives
Substances added to food to
preserve flavor or enhance its
taste and appearance
Chemicals Industry

Substances used in a
variety of chemical industries
such as: Solvents, Plastic, Paper, Detergents, Water treatment and more

Pharmaceutical industry develops, produces,
and markets drugs or licensed
pharmaceuticals for use as medications

In the most recent years JBO International Group  gained a remarkable network connections of high level sources throughout the main countries around the globe: China, Eastern Europe, Middle East and more.
The unique connections we made in our years of experience allow us to offer our customers a wide range of products along with the highest quality standard and with most attractive prices. 
Our vision is to always seek for the latest innovations in the variety of chemical industries together with cooperate with our customers in their needs.

Let us invite you to our family!


Add: A3-815, No9, Chang-Jiang Road, Nanjing, China
Tel: (Domestic calls) - 025-66096391,
(International calls): 86-25-85438611, Fax: 86-25-84845323,
E-mail: Jerry / Ori
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